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Zambrero Menu Prices

These are the latest updated Zambrero menu prices. Use the search box to quickly find any Zambrero menu choice:

ImageMenu ChoicePrice
Zambrero Small BurritoZambrero Small Burrito$13.70
Zambrero Big BurritoZambrero Big Burrito$20.40
Zambrero Dos CapasZambrero Dos Capas$7.20
Zambrero Power BurritoZambrero Power Burrito$20.50
Zambrero Corn ChipsZambrero Corn Chips$2.40
Zambrero BlondieZambrero Blondie$4.90
Zambrero Mountain Dew 600mlZambrero Mountain Dew 600ml$5.60
Zambrero Cool Ridge Lightly Sparkling Natural 500mlZambrero Cool Ridge Lightly Sparkling Natural 500ml$5.00
Zambrero Gatorade Berry Chill 600mlZambrero Gatorade Berry Chill 600ml$5.90
Zambrero Charlies Honest Apple Juice 300mlZambrero Charlies Honest Apple Juice 300ml$5.20
Zambrero Lipton Iced Tea Lemon 500mlZambrero Lipton Iced Tea Lemon 500ml$5.90
Zambrero Perkii Mango Passionfruit 350mlZambrero Perkii Mango Passionfruit 350ml$6.20
Zambrero Shine+ Blueberry Lemonade  250mlZambrero Shine+ Blueberry Lemonade 250ml$5.00
Zambrero BurritoZambrero Burrito$16.80
Zambrero Hard TacoZambrero Hard Taco$6.60
Zambrero PowerbowlZambrero Powerbowl$19.30
Zambrero Side of GuacamoleZambrero Side of Guacamole$2.50
Zambrero BrownieZambrero Brownie$4.90
Zambrero Pepsi 600mlZambrero Pepsi 600ml$5.60
Zambrero Cool Ridge Spring Water 600mlZambrero Cool Ridge Spring Water 600ml$4.50
Zambrero Gatorade Blue Bolt 600mlZambrero Gatorade Blue Bolt 600ml$5.90
Zambrero Charlies Honest Orange Juice 300mlZambrero Charlies Honest Orange Juice 300ml$5.20
Zambrero Lipton Iced Tea Peach 500mlZambrero Lipton Iced Tea Peach 500ml$5.90
Zambrero Perkii Strawberry Watermelon 350mlZambrero Perkii Strawberry Watermelon 350ml$6.20
Zambrero Shine+ Peach Passionfruit 250mlZambrero Shine+ Peach Passionfruit 250ml$5.00
Zambrero Soft TacoZambrero Soft Taco$6.60
Zambrero BowlZambrero Bowl$16.80
Zambrero NachosZambrero Nachos$18.70
Zambrero Burrito IQZambrero Burrito IQ$19.30
Zambrero Side of Basilo SauceZambrero Side of Basilo Sauce$1.30
Zambrero Pepsi Max 600mlZambrero Pepsi Max 600ml$5.60
Zambrero Remedy Kombucha Ginger Lemon 330mlZambrero Remedy Kombucha Ginger Lemon 330ml$6.90
Zambrero Shine+ CHARGED Blood Orange 500mlZambrero Shine+ CHARGED Blood Orange 500ml$7.90
Zambrero Small NachosZambrero Small Nachos$8.00
Zambrero Bowl IQZambrero Bowl IQ$19.30
Zambrero Side of Chipotle SauceZambrero Side of Chipotle Sauce$1.30
Zambrero Pepsi Max Vanilla 600mlZambrero Pepsi Max Vanilla 600ml$5.60
Zambrero Remedy Kombucha Peach 330mlZambrero Remedy Kombucha Peach 330ml$6.90
Zambrero Side of Garlic SauceZambrero Side of Garlic Sauce$1.30
Zambrero Schweppes Traditional Raspberry 600mlZambrero Schweppes Traditional Raspberry 600ml$5.60
Zambrero Remedy Kombucha Raspberry Lemonade 330mlZambrero Remedy Kombucha Raspberry Lemonade 330ml$6.90

At Famishd, we are thrilled to introduce you to Zambrero, a Mexican-inspired fast-casual restaurant chain with a mission to tackle world hunger. Zambrero is not just a place to enjoy delicious and flavorful Mexican cuisine; it's a brand that is committed to making a positive impact on global communities. With a menu that caters to various dietary preferences and a focus on fresh, high-quality ingredients, Zambrero offers a dining experience that is both satisfying and socially responsible.

Mexican-inspired Delights: A Flavor Fiesta

Indulge in a wide array of Mexican-inspired dishes crafted with authentic flavors and quality ingredients. From their signature burritos and bowls to their mouthwatering tacos and nachos, Zambrero takes you on a culinary journey that celebrates the vibrant and bold flavors of Mexican cuisine. Whether you prefer a protein-packed burrito, a customizable bowl with your favorite toppings, or a plate of loaded nachos, Zambrero has something to satisfy every craving.

Plant-Based and Gluten-Free Options: Inclusive Dining

Zambrero believes that everyone should be able to enjoy delicious food, regardless of dietary restrictions. That's why they offer a range of plant-based and gluten-free options. Enjoy their vegan-friendly filling options such as the BBQ Jackfruit or the Power Veggie Bowl, or choose gluten-free alternatives for your burrito or bowl. Zambrero strives to create a welcoming and inclusive dining experience for all.

Fresh and Wholesome Ingredients: Goodness on Your Plate

Zambrero takes pride in using fresh and wholesome ingredients to create their flavorful dishes. From the tender marinated meats and protein-rich beans to the crisp vegetables and zesty salsas, each ingredient is carefully selected to deliver a burst of flavor in every bite. With a focus on quality and sustainability, Zambrero ensures that your dining experience is not only delicious but also socially responsible.

Plate 4 Plate: Making a Difference

When you choose Zambrero, you become a part of their Plate 4 Plate initiative, which aims to tackle world hunger. For every burrito or bowl you purchase, Zambrero donates a meal to someone in need through their partner organizations. With over 40 million meals donated to date, Zambrero is making a tangible impact on the lives of those facing food insecurity. By dining at Zambrero, you can enjoy a satisfying meal while contributing to a greater cause.

Zambrero Catering: Fiesta for Any Occasion

Planning a gathering or event? Zambrero offers catering services that bring the fiesta to your doorstep. From corporate lunches to family celebrations, their catering menu offers a selection of crowd-pleasing options that will impress your guests. Enjoy the same delicious flavors and quality ingredients in a convenient and customizable catering package.

Why Choose Zambrero?

Zambrero goes beyond serving tasty Mexican-inspired cuisine. Here are a few reasons why you should consider choosing Zambrero:

1. Flavors that Excite: Experience the vibrant and bold flavors of Mexican cuisine in every dish, expertly crafted with fresh and quality ingredients.

2. Inclusive Dining: Zambrero offers a range of plant-based, vegan, and gluten-free options to cater to various dietary preferences, ensuring that everyone can enjoy a satisfying meal.

3. Social Responsibility: By dining at Zambrero, you contribute to their Plate 4 Plate initiative, helping to fight world hunger and make a positive impact on global communities.

4. Quality and Sustainability: Zambrero's commitment to using fresh and wholesome ingredients reflects their dedication to quality and sustainable practices.

5. Catering Convenience: Zambrero's catering services bring the flavors of Zambrero to your special events, providing a memorable dining experience for your guests.

Visit Zambrero at one of their many locations and embark on a culinary adventure that not only delights your taste buds but also makes a difference in the world. Together, we can enjoy great food while helping to create a brighter future.

Please note that menu items and availability may vary by location. Visit the official Zambrero website or contact your nearest restaurant for the most up-to-date information.

Dive into the flavors of Mexico and join Zambrero in their mission to make a positive impact on the world, one delicious meal at a time.