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Red Rooster Red Royalty: Get Rewarded for Your Love of Chicken

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Are you a fan of Red Rooster and their delicious offerings? Well, get ready to be rewarded for your loyalty with the Red Rooster Red Royalty program! Famishd is here to give you all the juicy details about this exciting loyalty program that lets you earn rewards while enjoying your favorite Red Rooster meals. Let’s dive in and discover how you can start earning those tasty perks!

1. Sign Up

Getting started with Red Royalty is a breeze. You can sign up either online or by providing your mobile number in-store. It’s quick, easy, and the first step towards unlocking a world of exclusive offers and surprises.

2. Get Your Rewards

Once you’re signed up, get ready to be rewarded! As a Red Royalty member, you’ll receive a Welcome Reward to kick things off. But that’s not all – complete your profile online, and you’ll also receive a special Birthday Reward to celebrate your special day in style.

3. Watch Your Inbox

Keep a close eye on your inbox because Red Rooster will be sending you exclusive offers, exciting news, and surprises straight to your email. Be the first to know about the latest promotions and mouthwatering deals from Red Rooster.

4. Start Scanning

To earn and redeem Red Royalty dollars on every transaction, make sure to scan your Red Rooster app each time you visit a store or log in to your account online for online orders. It’s as simple as that! And to get you started on your loyalty journey, Red Rooster has already loaded a fantastic choice of either a 2pc Fried Chicken or large Chips voucher* into your account for your next visit in-store.

Red Royalty is packed with amazing offers and benefits, and you’ll earn dollars on every purchase you make. Remember, scanning your loyalty barcode is crucial for tracking your rewards, so make sure to download the Red Rooster app to stay up-to-date and make the most of this exciting program.

Unlock Even More with Red Royalty Tiers

Do you want even more rewards? By making seven transactions within a 12-month period, you’ll be promoted to the Silver tier. The more you visit, the better it gets! Check out the different tiers and their perks:

  • 0-6 Visits: Earn $1 for every $20 spent, receive a $3 voucher as a Birthday gift, and enjoy a Welcome Voucher as a Red Royalty Reward. Plus, get ready for exclusive gifts and rewards.
  • 7-12 Visits: Earn $1 for every $17 spent and receive a $5 voucher for your Birthday gift.
  • 13-24 Visits: Earn $1 for every $16 spent and receive an $8 voucher for your Birthday gift.
  • 25+ Visits: Earn $1 for every $15 spent and receive a generous $10 voucher for your Birthday gift.

The more you visit, the more rewards you’ll unlock! Red Rooster is ready to show their appreciation for your loyalty and love for their delicious chicken.

So, what are you waiting for? Join Red Royalty today and start reaping the mouthwatering rewards. Keep enjoying your favorite Red Rooster meals while earning perks along the way. Famishd is here to keep you informed and excited about all the incredible benefits of being a Red Royalty member. Happy eating and happy earning!

*Please note: The voucher choice may vary. Check your account for the available options.